Are you prepared for a market recovery?

2020 has long been pinned as the ‘future’ – and so far, the future looks good: Core Logic data indicates housing values rose across every capital city in January 2020. While Perth growth is minuscule at 0.1%, it is in line with a broader national recovery trend and takes growth over the past quarter to 0.4%.

In a market where owners may be feeling more optimistic about selling or leasing, WCPT are prioritising training activities that empower agents, reps and PMs to capitalise on this positive energy.

CEO Jackie Crank said WCPT are optimising training activities in 2020 to focus on defining value to clients.

“In order to be successful, training activities must have an end game that is valuable – ticking a box is just not enough and the industry deserves more”, Jackie said.

“There is no point asking your team to take a day out of work for training in something that doesn’t meet your strategic business needs”.

It is this commitment to positive recovery that has prompted WCPT to create three conference events for 2020 – for sales people, commercial and property management – centering on the theme of Above and Beyond.

“2020 is our 15 year anniversary so we wanted to go Above and Beyond for the real estate industry – and we want to make the content of the conferences all about what it takes to go above and beyond for clients”.

The conference content will be delivered across four themes: Real Estate Nous, Clients for life, Industry Cooperation and Future is Now.

While recovery may be coming, WCPT know cash doesn’t land in the bank straight away – so have created payment plans for all conference events.

“We want to make these Conferences special and different and have some pretty exciting things planned – watch this space!”, Jackie said.

More details on the Above and Beyond Conferences available here: Above & Beyond 2020



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