How do you sell a bad news story?

How do you sell the facts when the facts are dire?

Any agent or rep knows that selling is an enchanted blend of rational and emotional. A dash of facts here, a dose of feeling there, and the listing authority has all but signed itself.


If only.

It is true that a residential seller and buyer are generally swayed by a series of rational and emotional influences. The facts of the transaction are easy and an astute agent should be prepared for them – I’m talking price, economics, geography. The personal situations – the emotions, the regret, the concerns – and more nuanced require some savvy social skills.

And yet – when I ask salespeople to pinpoint the objections that derail their listing efforts, I hear a repeating theme: “sellers are just waiting for the Perth property market to return to normal”.

Enough is enough. At WCPT, we have locked this statement down. It is uninformed, lazy and irrelevant to today’s market. As of 2020, it is time to shelve it once and for all.

Instead, we are pinpointing the real concern in this statement, as well as the genuine opportunity to deliver value to clients who may be thinking it. So what will we be teaching?

1. Controlling the narrative is vital. If we are all sitting waiting for an era of absolute economic prosperity, then we all have some pretty disappointing times ahead. This is true for all of us.
2. The facts are the facts. There are unique drivers to the WA economy. There is a reason it exploded, there are reasons it retracted, and there are clear influences on its future.
3. There are opportunities in every economy. By almost any measure, we are living in a time of abundance. But even in period of economic downturn, there are always upsides: finding them is a matter of knowing your customer.
4. Economics is really quite simple. It can be taught, it should be understood, and it is such a valuable subject to communicate to the buying and selling public, who are relying on you for your property fundamentals.

So put that objection on the shelf and join us for a lesson in simple economics – just one component of the 7 hours of residential sales fundamentals we will be unpacking in 2020.

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