Tell us what we can do.

The WA real estate industry has been through a considerable amount of upheaval; the coronavirus crisis brings a degree of unknown that is already leaving many sales reps and property managers, not to mention business owners, feeling completely bewildered.

This is a tough industry made up of incredibly resilient people. Together, we will move forward – but we will move further, faster, if we are prepared to help each other. The WCPT family has faced its fair share of crises over the past few years, and one thing that I have learnt above all else is the importance of working out how to help.

I know WCPT can help; I need to know how best to deploy our training resources to meet your needs. So I am asking today for you to tell me. We have created a short survey that asks how you are feeling and how we can direct our efforts in a way that will be most meaningful to you.

A crisis will always affect us differently. You may me feeling stressed or sure things will be fine. As a small business owner, I am scared. But, I am committed to excellence in this industry that has been my life for over 35 years – and I don’t believe there has ever been a better time to cooperate.

I aim to be back in touch with you all within the next 48 hours with an update on WCPT’s CPD business continuity plan for the rest of 2020. Until then, I thank you for your continued support and patience at this time.

Love Jackie.

Complete the survey here and tell us what we can do to help!



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