1 in 3 homeowners planning to sell

According to research by Westpac, one in three Australians are planning on selling their home in the next five years. That’s more than double the numbers who intended to sell prior to the pandemic.

Why the change? Owner occupiers are keen for the keys to wide, open, (and germ free) spaces. Low interest rates and improved consumer sentiment are helping them find the cash. And work from home arrangements have changed the game, prompting owners to renovate in record numbers if they can’t find a new home that meets their evolving needs.

So how can agents, reps and PMs use this information? Better, personalised, more direct conversation with clients that meets their specific consumer need. Ask the right questions to get better answers. Try these topics:

  • The reasons to sell are evolving: and so are the reasons to buy
  • The best spent dollar in preparation for sale? It may be less about garden and more about home office.
  • Location versus lifestyle: never has this challenge been so unique to the individual real estate punter

A hot property market offers plenty of work and opportunities to be busy; it is the reps, agents and PMs who become a trusted advisor to a client with a unique need who will transform ‘busy’ into ‘successful’.



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