What is your source of truth?

I have just come from a brilliant meditation class with Nicky from Balance Meditation. This very relaxing yet energising session got me to thinking. Back in the 70’s (yes I am that old) I was convinced by others that meditation was for “hippie flower types”. Wow – how wrong you can be when you rely on others for your facts and opinions.
Meditation is now universally recognised for the amazing benefits it offers, to aid in stress management, mental health management and generally coping with what life has to throw at us. It is recognised by the medical profession on many different levels. Everybody has now figured out what the “hippie flower types” knew all along. Funny thing is, the people who knew years ago about the value of meditation, knew because they tried it, rather than listening to what others had to say.

For me, ten years running WCPT has been an eye opener when it comes to watching and listening to people’s truths.
One of the things that I find most interesting is how often people will quote something as fact, despite having not a single drop of evidence to support their fact.
Somebody I once knew worked in intelligence and security. They didn’t talk much about what they did, for obvious reasons, but something they said that really stuck with me was;
“Before you take something as truth, you must check the source of the information.”
As a real estate trainer that was some pretty sound advice!! But let’s face it, as a human being that is pretty sound advice.
The 2015 mandatory CPD session for agents, reps and property managers actually explores this very topic. Why are there so many versions and interpretations of the truth and the law? Is that thing you know to be true, actually true, or is it just somebody’s interpretation of what we are supposed to do? Why can we not just get black and white answers to questions relating to contracts and legislation? Why do the myths and rumours persist in our industry and just exactly how do we sort the facts from the fiction and the pure opinion?

What is the source of your truth?

Join us at a mandatory session soon, where we can compare our sources!