Hump Day Harvest

A Business Men Climbing a Pile of Papers

Hump Day Harvest

As we prepare to complete another Wednesday and commence the run for weekend, the WCPT team are thinking about performance. Specifically – how can we make sure we yield the potential from our work weeks? As the mid-point marker for the week, Wednesday is a great day to take a pause and reflect on our achievements. And perhaps, a day to set a little challenge: what can I harvest from hump day to make sure I meet my goals this week?

It could be that follow-up call to a lead that you have been putting off. A chat with a staff member you know is overdue. Or that administrative task that has been keeping you awake (go away, tax return!). Whatever it is, harvesting that little something extra from hump day can set us up for a glorious glide into the weekend.

Workplace performance expert Andrew May has been helping his professional clients achieve both physical and mental gains for decades. We think his blog has some great ideas for workplace productivity that might just set our hump day straight. Check it out here
So how will your hump day harvest look? If you have productivity tricks that work, share them with us on our Facebook page!

Want to know more about work productivity? Come along to hear Andrew May speak on 9 September 2015.