An interview with Jackie Crank.

So Jackie, your teaching schedule was flipped on it’s head last year, but now that you are back, people want to know where they can find you teaching this year? 

J – Everywhere from Busselton to Port Hedland! But mostly in Como and Joondalup for both Mandatory and Elective sessions.

I am particularly excited to be back teaching the Residential Sales Mandatory sessions in Como this year!

Who else is on the WCPT teaching team?

J – We have some fabulous trainers and presenters working for WCPT. We have the two Sharons (Botha and Lewis) who (as well as myself) present the residential sales focused mandatory sessions and we have Dani and Kaylene presenting our residential Property Management focused mandatory. Having these lovely ladies on board has given us greater flexibility and allows us to offer both in class and ‘in house’ mandatory sessions in 2018.

On the commercial front we have the amazing and very knowledgeable Brian Letts helping myself, to ensure the content aligns with attendees needs.

We will also have guest appearances from the wonderful Nicole Cooper and Liam Crank within our ‘Real Estate Mastery’ session.

Last but not least we have the Business Broking experts Rajiv Rajan and Brad Potter running our 7 point Elective CPD session on Selling Businesses!

What are the Mandatory CPD topics for 2018?

J – The mandatory session with a sales focus offers some great pointers on writing special conditions and understanding how the Australian Consumer Law impacts our interactions with the public. The feedback from attendees has been very positive, with many saying the session gave them greater clarity on a subject they thought they already understood.

The mandatory session for residential Property Managers in 2018 covers the sensitive topic of changes to the RTA in relation to the occurrence of domestic violence in residential tenancies as well as unlawful drug manufacturing and use. This is a brilliant session, that is very practical and has been extremely well received thus far.

What is the best way people in Real Estate can further their careers and become masters of their chosen profession?

J – The best way to master anything is to keep practicing. But in Real Estate, when we practice our performance must be close to perfect. The law doesn’t allow us to get things wrong while we are learning. Focus on attention to detail, always put people and their needs first and be in a constant state of self improvement and openness to learning. A great place to start learning is with a Diploma of Property Services. Sometimes known as the licensee course, this will equip you with increased real estate skills and great business skills all in a supportive engaging environment. Embrace learning, with or without CPD points – learn just because you can and you will be on the road to real estate mastery!

Why do you think CPD training is important?

J – The reality of life is that we are all, always learning. It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing a thing, there is always something that you haven’t come across or haven’t thought of before. WCPT CPD provides a safe and engaging environment for those with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to do things the right way.

Why should people come to WCPT for their CPD Training?

J – WCPT have a first class reputation for making dry lifeless subjects come alive and be interesting. At WCPT we work really hard to make the content and the presentation interesting, engaging and relevant. We all HAVE to do CPD, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it! And don’t just take our word for it, have a read of what some of our attendees have to say!

“Brian is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging presenter and the presentation by the external valuer was very informative!” “Huge thank you to Jackie and Brian. This was one of the best CPD courses I have done in quite some time!” – Peter J and Megan J on our Commercial Elective CPD session. 

“The Crank family team is a very impressive blend of highly skilled presenters. Everything from the digital security section delivered by Liam, to the Law section presented by Jackie was interesting and relevant. The final section by Nicole was most empowering and a great example of how mastery is acquired and applied!” – Harold T on our “Real Estate Mastery” Elective CPD session.

“Love how WCPT put subjects & topics across they make them interesting, informative and interactive. Jackie simplifies things to make them easy to understanding whilst pointing out the very importance of each topic discussed. Thank you Jackie!” – Claire S on the Residential Sales Mandatory session. 

“The new knowledge on domestic violence laws was particularly informative. It’s hard to lighten up these topics but it was presented in an emotionally intelligent manner – Anonymous on the Residential Property Managers session.  




  1. Jackie is certainly a talented lecturer. She delivers information in easy bit size segments which makes it easy to learn .

    I would like to hear when Brad Potter is presenting on Business Broking as he is not only the champion Business Broker in Australia
    but usually keeps his information to himself .

    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you for your comment!! Brad and Rajiv will be presenting their ‘Selling Businesses’ session on the 2nd of July in Como and the 16th of November in Joondalup! 🙂 If you would like to book in for either of these sessions, you can do so here:


  2. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your comment!! Brad and Rajiv will be presenting their ‘Selling Businesses’ session on the 2nd of July in Como and the 16th of November in Joondalup! 🙂 If you would like to book in for either of these sessions, you can do so here:


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