New Real Estate Training Package

The changes and what they mean for you.

Following a national overhaul, March 2020 will see the end of the current property training package.

So, what does this mean for you?

Registration Course
To enter the real estate industry in WA, the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) currently require you to complete a skill set taken from the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate). This means individuals currently need to complete either seven units of competency for an unrestricted registration (can perform sales and/or property management duties) or six units of competency for a restricted registration (restricted to property management duties only).

As of March 2020, a new CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice will be used as the entry level qualification to commence working as a sales representative and/or property manager. This qualification will have 18 units of competency made up of 15 prescribed units (core, residential property sales, and residential property management skill sets) and 3 electives. The potential to specialise in commercial as equivalent to residential real estate is also being considered.

Whilst DMIRS have not confirmed which units of competency they will require for applicants to become registered, they have indicated it is likely they will require the following:

  • Unrestricted Registration: Full Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (18 units of competency)
  • Restricted Sales Registration: 13 units of competency
  • Restricted Property Management Registration: 12 units of competency

Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management)
The current CPP50307 Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management) consists of 26 units of competency and is the educational pre-requisite to applying for a real estate licence in Western Australia. A triennial certificate and real estate licence are required by any real estate professional looking to open their own office, employ other sales people or property managers and run a real estate business as bonafide in control.

Come March 2020, this will be replaced by the CPP51119 Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management). This will consist of 12 units of competency that will be focused on practical business management rather than real estate transactions. The new assessments will also be more comprehensive for these units.

DMIRS are currently considering the potential risk that there will be people who have only completed the current registration in sales or property management (six or seven units) and are seeking to be licensed as an agent under the new Diploma qualification (12 units). Further consideration is being given to whether the full Cert IV should also be a requirement to apply for an agent’s licence, in order to combat the knowledge gap.

I currently hold an unrestricted registration, what does this mean for me?
DMIRS have indicated they will not require you to complete any additional qualifications to keep your registration. We do, however, recommend maintaining the currency of your registration through the completion of CPD points and ensuring it does not lapse. In the event your registration does lapse, or is cancelled, there is a possibility you would need to complete the new qualification in order to become registered.

I currently hold a restricted property management registration, what does this mean for me?
If you are currently restricted to property management duties, again DMIRS have indicated this will continue as normal as long as you maintain the currency of your registration. If you would like to upskill to real estate sales, WCPT recommend completing the cross grade course now, otherwise there may be a requirement to complete the entire new qualification to become unrestricted (18 units of competency).

I currently hold a real estate licence, what does this mean for me?
DMIRS have indicated there will be no requirement for you to complete any further qualifications as long as you maintain the currency of your licence through CPD training. If your licence lapses, or is cancelled, there may be a requirement to complete the new Diploma qualification before renewing.

I want to enrol in a course now, where do I start?
WCPT are offering a once in a career opportunity: to complete any of our current courses now, at a run out price, before time runs out. For those who are ready to advance and itching to make a change right now, enrol here:
Diploma of Property Services
Combined Registration Course
Property Management Course
Cross Grade Course (PM to Sales)



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