Let’s talk about building inspection reports.

In many cases, sales people have come to consider a building inspection report as a normal or standard request from a buyer. This is probably because so many buyers have gotten into a pattern of requesting one, as part of the offer they are making on a property.

At WCPT we know, from discussions with sales people, that the ultimate contents of the building inspection report can create disputes and misunderstandings between buyers and sellers (and the rep often ends up in the middle!)

So why does a buyer think they need one? Is a building inspection report actually capable of meeting this need? And what can you do to minimise the disputes and eliminate the frustrations?

Let’s start at the start.
When a buyer asks for a building inspection report, most reps pull out the standard annexure and attach it to the contract. How many reps take time to read and interpret this annexure in detail, in order to provide information on what it actually means? It refers to an Australian Standard, specifically;

AS4349.1 – 2007 Inspection of Buildings

Part 1- Pre purchase inspections residential buildings.

An Australian Standard is a voluntary set of procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure consistency and reliability relating to a specific subject. This means it is really important that we understand the Australian Standard, so that we can help our buyer and seller ensure that the standard is being met in the report – because that is what the contract says! But many of us have never even seen the standard, let alone read and understood it!

What about regulation?
If things go pear shaped, regulators assist us in arriving at a resolution. Have you ever thought about who regulates the building inspection industry in WA? Here’s the thing: the building inspection industry in WA is currently NOT regulated! This adds another layer of complication for the sales rep.

What about the qualification required to be a building inspector? Well, if the industry is NOT regulated, where would a requirement for a qualification come from?

If you are feeling confused right now, you are not alone. We at WCPT see persistent feedback on the confounding and frustrating nature of building inspection reports. Perhaps this is because the use of a building inspection has become almost mainstream, but the equivalent investment in resources to empower a sales person in this area has not necessarily occurred.

How to get answers
Sink your teeth into the Standard and know the implications of your annexure and its influence on the contract. And if you want to go deeper – come learn with us! WCPT have incorporated an hour and a half of building inspection fun into our Navigate 7 Point CPD session in 2019.

We want to see sales people empowered in the arena of building inspection reports: to provide sound guidance to your clients, and minimise disputes and frustration between your buyers and sellers.

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