WCPT are hiring!

We want to welcome another outstanding training presenter to our team. We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate ruthless technical real estate knowledge, a genuine passion for education and – most importantly – the WCPT care factor. Check out the role below and please get in touch if you think you could be a match!

Job Description: Senior Training Specialist
The Senior Training Specialist designs and delivers training content for WCPT. Working for a registered training organisation with a significant depth of property training expertise, the emphasis of this role will be in the real estate industry, across the residential, commercial, property management, rural and business sectors. It is also expected the Senior Training Specialist will have a breadth of skills in other areas of business, people, management and performance improvement.

Essential functions of the role fall into four broad categories:

    • Training delivery: Responsible for the delivery of training and education in vocational and compulsory professional development content, as well as bespoke training activities as required. On average, training delivery should consume sixty per cent of the work week.


    • Training development: Responsible for the research and development of new training opportunities to ensure WCPT training content is innovative and relevant. This development will include contribution to real estate-themed content as well as management subject areas outside of the real estate industry, such as team development, organisational culture, performance improvement and human resources.


    • Business development: All WCPT staff maintain a firm commitment to delivering education and training excellence for our WCPT tribe – both now and in future. Accordingly, the Senior Training Specialist will be expected to drive the expansion of the WCPT customer base through the research and development of industry trends, new strategic partnerships and purpose-built education solutions.


  • Organisational improvement: All WCPT staff are expected to contribute to the ongoing improvement of our own team. Relevant activities for the Senior Training Specialist may include the development and improvement of office operating procedures, contributing to monthly team learning events and/or mentoring peers and junior staff.

The type of person we need:

    • Comfortable with change and personal development: Our training is not a business as usual activity. We are constantly innovating based on what we consider an essential blend of emerging industry trends and ongoing customer feedback. This means continually testing and updating our own understanding.


    • Dedicated to challenging the status quo: We receive praise at the highest levels from industry stakeholders for our content, structure and professional delivery, and we are continually recognised by our customers as a pioneer in training due to our genuine approach, new ideas and fearless, high energy presentations.


    • Operates in a customer-centric way: Our customers are the reason we do what we do. We listen. And then we create, engage and inspire.


  • Puts team before self: WCPT are a diverse team with a wide range of important and valuable skills. Despite our diversity, we work as one. As one, we can deliver better training, improved outcomes for our clients and outstanding customer service.

Prior Knowledge and Experience: WCPT are searching for a candidate who can demonstrate a depth of real estate knowledge as well as a breadth of business and management experience. Equally important, we need an individual who shares our passion for industry improvement and excellence in training and education. Confidence and demonstrated experience in training and presenting is an advantage, but can be taught! WCPT recognise your skills and knowledge can come from a huge variety of past experiences – so if you think you have what it takes, please get in touch!

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