Are you consistently YOU?

Liam Neeson, somewhat lacking in the special skills department.

This week, two of WCPT’s team members headed out for a (rather disappointing) viewing of Taken 3. We didn’t expect a cinematic masterpiece. But we did expect a certain type of movie. For those who have not had the pleasure of viewing the Taken franchise, a character is generally taken and our hero has to chase down the international bad guys through exotic locations to rescue them, but also kick a fair amount of backside in the process. There are also a good number of corny lines (special set of skills, anyone?), that ensure equal measure of mediocre thrill, relative suspense and cringe factor. But this is fine – because it is what the Taken franchise is all about.

So when we saw Taken 3, sans gory violence, corny lines and global location shots, we found ourselves completely let down. Which got us thinking about brand promise (as you do when watching bad action movies). When I sign up for a Tuesday of Taken 3, I want to see the Taken franchise. Because a franchise is about something. Star Wars is about a galaxy far far away. Disney Land is the happiest place on earth – and if it was not, we would be feeling pretty unhappy. So what is your brand promise, and are there areas where you are dropping the ball?

Consistency is key here – WCPT are about Professional Education, Personally Delivered. This means we cannot go off presenting whatever trendy content we like. Nor can we get a bit bored and turn into classroom “I tell you, you learn” robots. We have to be personal and professional, all the time. We work hard at this, but we will always work harder. We can always do better.

So have a think about the consistency of your brand promise.

  1. What makes you, YOU?
    Have you thought about what your brand promise is, and what separates you from the next? What is the inherent value that clients will earn when they deal with you? What is in it for them?
  2. Words on paper are as powerful as those in the air – think about how powerful your skills of rapport building are. You are the suave negotiator. You can talk anyone into the value of YOU. But does your written communication speak the same way? Are your emails engaging? Do your newsletters tell an interesting story?
  3. Is your presentation consistent with your professional reputation? If you pitch yourself as a premium service provider, do you look pretty premium yourself? Are your business cards, email templates, for sale signs, tell 20s, sponsorship commitments, bus stop ads and business development events all speaking the same language? Perhaps it is time to review.

So some things to think about! Who are you, how is this valuable to your clients, and how do you communicate this promise consistently?

And do see Taken 3 – Just don’t expect to see Taken 3 🙂