It is 10 weeks until Christmas.

(Wait, WHAT? Wow.)

So how would you best describe your headspace as we approach the end of this year? Is it:

A – on easy street, wrapping up deals and booking leave plans.

B – crowded, cluttered and struggling to focus.

C – optimistic, spotting opportunity and wanting to try something new.

D – all of the above, because 2021 has been a complicated year!

Ah, 2021. The year of the complicated (just when we thought complicated was done). Nevertheless – the more entrepreneurial and strategic of us out there are already using lack of certainty to optimise opportunity for ourselves, our clients, and our businesses. Is this you? Read on to find out.

Are you logging the lessons of 2021? Learning starts now.

An end of year wrap can be even more important than your start of year launch: we have to log the lessons before we can learn them. So what are the opportunities to take out of 2021? Let’s review.

  1. Introducing flexible working: the real estate industry knows that work doesn’t have to happen at a desk. But how much have we taken this working reality into other parts of our business? And now that we mention it, where do we need to dial back flexibility in favour of more conversations and better engagement, to make our teams more effective?
  2. Participating in the circular economy: High performers are looking to optimise, reduce, reuse, recycle. Think less about outsourcing, and more about sharing. Could you be co-located with other service providers? More effectively allocating resources? Saving money, saving the climate, and saving fuss for your customers: that’s a winning strategy.
  3. Simply saying no: The hardest word in business is ‘no’. But to walk away, if doing so makes you better at what you do best, has got to be a smart decision.
  4. Get proactive on mental health: Health has consumed us in 2021 – as we shift from the physical risk to the mental toll, what can we do proactively to manage our teams and ourselves? And while were at it, what represents value for our clients in terms of reducing their mental load?  
  5. Disrupt yourself: Maybe it won’t be the robot or the app or the big corporate company that runs away with the future of real estate – maybe it will be you. The best way to spot an angle for disruption? Build it yourself. This means targeting a need that only you can meet, and delivering a distinctive strength (Maybe you will find it within the WCPT Diploma of Property!).



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